About Us

What We Do:

The AHRCO team has experience in delivering a full range of property management services to a diverse portfolio.

  • Manage resident relations, support resident organizations, and involve residents in property management.
  • Manage a system of tenant and vendor records.
  • Establish and perform preventive maintenance programs and energy conservation practices.
  • Abate hazards, like asbestos and lead-based paint.
  • Oversee major rehabilitation and construction projects.
  • Relocate tenants on and off-site, as needed.
  • Budget, monitor and account for property income and expenses.
  • Use office automation at site offices.
  • Implement and support recreational, civic, education, employment, drug awareness and day care programs.
  • Develop and implement security plans.
  • Market properties for sale.
  • Provide requested reports and updates to owners, HUD and PHFA.
  • Hire, train and supervise staff.

Our Approach:

Over the past four decades, the AHRCO team has developed a management approach that maximizes resident satisfaction and retention.

  • Each unit is supported by a community office conveniently located either on the property site or within the neighborhood.

  • Offices are staffed by professionals with subsidized housing training and experience to address resident questions, concerns and needs.

  • Each site office employs full-time maintenance technicians and offers a 24-hour emergency maintenance service to provide prompt attention to maintenance needs.

  • Additional site support is provided at the corporate level by our management and accounting teams. These teams maintain daily contact with site offices as well as manage the operating and capital budget process and ongoing capital improvement projects.

  • Through work with industry organizations, like the Institute of Real Estate Management and Pittsburgh Affordable Housing Management Association, Inc., AHRCO employees remain up to speed on current industry practices and government requirements.